Our mission is to provide cost-effective legal services in a manner that is most helpful to our clients.  The traditional law firm model creates a lot of overhead, and those costs are reflected in legal fees.  Recognizing this, we have embrace new model for the practice of law.

Rather than maintaining a fancy office, where clients would need to take time out of their day to drive to us and meet us in person, we leverage the power of new technology to meet with our clients virtually.

Our approach to legal issues is to break the issue down into components and options for our clients, providing an overview of pros and cons and helping clients determine the best course of action.  We limit our representation to select clients, so we can better get to know our individual clients’ needs and provide the most value.

Additionally, we have a network of like-minded attorneys across the country.  When our clients need a specialist or an attorney in another jurisdiction, we reach out to our network to fill that need.